01 December 2009

entry ni nak citer my journey to 1Borneo..
the biggest mall in the Asia

*credit to Mrs Jay*
akue jalan arituw wif my sister n her fiance..
saja jer nk interfrem dorg jalan..
kami jalan p 1Borneo sejurus blk dr uma org kwen..
lebih dan kurang jam 240 cmtuw..

sampai jer kat 1Borneo,
fiance kaka akue bw masuk SPEEDY..
xsmpat nk capture2x..

cz time tuw akue L A P A R giler.!
afta that,kaka akue wif her fiance went to upstairs..
and i've decided to eat alone at McD.!

*my pebret fast food*
then not long after that,

my sist called me..
and told me that her fiance..
want to bring me eat at OLD TOWN CAFE..
the food was very delicious..
i like it damn much.!

but can't compared to my luvly one..
that must be McD.!
so,here's the picture that i've been captured on that day..

this is the food&beverages that i've eaten..

and this is my sister with her fiance..

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