24 December 2010

~ A W A Y ~

ku pergiiiiiiiiiiii
macam apa sejaa bhaa..
cuma maw gtaw


P/s : got Festival Tari Borneo
Date : 26 - 29 Dec 2010
Venue : UiTM SABAH

inilah Liaison Officer bg Kontinjen UniRazak Sarawak :)

16 December 2010

kiet2x saia

apa ituw KIET2x.?

mst korang curious kn maw taw binatang apa yg akue sebut tuw..
sebernarnya kiet2x ni bukan lar sejenis makanan..
bukan jg sejenis minuman..
ianya just a simple gift that given by my sweety little pie..
bersempena dgn my birthday 15 sept,
dea bg saia KIET2x..
ni lar bentuk KIET2x tuw.. :)
saia shayunk kiet2x saia.!


okae..at this simple entry,i just want to story a little bit how i met with c GLY ni..as requested by Stephanie..so,here there are steph.. :)
a long time ago,uiseh...mcm lar lama sangat kn..hihi~ ceritaa nya cemni,akue baru bergelar Pelajar UiTM Sabah..tyme tuw akue masi lg Part 1..intake Julai 2009..straight to the story..si Gly ni berkawan baek sama Kak Khai [which is my DPP Senior] during that tyme..and she always be my senior yg paling ku takuti..sbb dea ada naluri sbgi sorg kakak yg syg sma adik nya..huhu~
one day,i logged in to my fb account and found the pictures of kak khai and her friends back from the trip [Manukan Island]..i enjoyed watching the pictures at her fb acc..then, i texted her[kak khai] to get more details about their trip recently[during that time]..after that kak khai gave me Gly's ccontact no..i remembered what did she said to me "ko ambk no kwn aku ni,dia keja d JP..dia bley tlg atur kmu pnya trip.." so akue pn ambk lar no c Gly ni..then akue text dea..akue tnya c Gly macam2x soalan..dari A- Z..then nego price [banana boat+scuba diving+etc]..actually akue tuw plan maw pigi Manukan Island with my coursemate which is approximately 43 pax..huhu~
then due to reasons that can not be avoided akue terpaksa cancel plan maw pigi tuw Manukan Island..
the major reason was on the following week,we had our first UiTM Examination..so we need to be prepared..thats why we have to cancel the trip..too bad..but there's no doubt that Gly is a good negotiator..i lurf to nego with her..she is easy to talk with and of course friendly..after that,nda suda dgr crta c Gly ni..tup tup,tjumpa d WASABER.. :) thanks again to WASABER..

so,that's the end of the story..thanks for reading peeps.. :)

15 December 2010


its been 2 weeks i didnt update my blog..
i'm quiet occupied with "works" :)
yesterday on 14 of Dec 2010,
i got flu+cough..
i think it was the worst cough i ever had..
because when i coughed it contains a black blood..
sounds creepy rite..
maybe it was to warm inside my body
as a result,i drank a lot of water to prevent the flu+cough getting worst..
on top of that,soon my mamy get back from her work,
she gave me some medicine..
which is COMPULSORY for me to take it
here there are the medicines that i had eaten since last night..

hope everything's gonna be fine
:: amin ::
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