28 November 2010

Green + White = DATE :)

It's been 2 month we didn't dating+hang out together..
the last tyme we had a date on 15Sept2010
[which was my bday celebration with my friends]
and now the tyme has come
i should grab the opportunity
so here we are..
D A T E ON 26 November 2010
our date start with.....
i woke up at 7am in the morning..
and then give her *morning kish* :)
after that i washed my car
and then i washed my clothes
[INCLUDING my parents clothes :)]
then i fetched her at her house
its kind of creepy feelings bcoz...
i saw her mama with her aunts chatting infront of the house
but no worries..
its just only a feeling..
not true at all..
i did chat with her mama a lil bit.. :)
after that we start to go to KK..
hell yeah.!
its quite fun+interesting+funny+etc
dunno how to describe anymore..
after arrived at Suria Sabah,
we bought the movie tickets
which was Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows P1..
*quality of the picture is not good :(*

while waiting for the movies to start,
here's the games that both of us loved to play.. :)

*she's playing Dance Dance Revolution*
*if both of us played,so who will captured our pic.? :)*

after watching movies with her
we ate at Pizza Hut..
having a GREAT time with her..
*enjoy our pictures*

17 November 2010

~J E J A K K A S I H~

first of all,
want to say
i lurf eu damn much.!!
just because of eu[wasaber]
dpt juga jejak kasih sma org dbawah ni

*picture taken from her fb
**any copyright strictly prohibited

akue kenal sma c GLAY ni,
lama sudaa bhaa..
almost 1 year..
tuw pn kenal dr fon..
cita nya cemni..
dulu akue maw buat booking maw pigi Manukan Island..
so negotiate lar sma si Glay ni..huhu~
i've to admit here that
sgt2x besh negotitate sma dea..
but kmi teda pluang pn maw pigi Manukan Island..
just because of WASABER,
akhirnya saia dpt networking blk sma c GLAY.. :)

*WASABER sgt2x helpful*

15 November 2010


uisshhhh,,jahat skali tjuk entry ni taw...
tedaa lar..
jan pikir mcm2x kae..
its not a 18SX CONTENT kae..
utk bacaan umum..
apa bhaa akue ckp ni..
sukaa ati akue lar..
blog akue maw ckp apa.. :P
skali mkn Pizza,mna ckup kn..
we went to Pizza Hut..
~A G A I N~
tp kali ni tukar selera skitt..
kali ni kmi pigi d LIKAS..
maw merasa Pizza sana plak..
okae juaa lar mknan snaa..
then kmi pilih different menu lg..
*tp akue lupaa sudaa apa :)*
layan jaa gmbr2x dibawah kae.. :)

ini adalah smbungan kpd entry di bawah.. :)
lpas mlm tuw nda dpt mkn Pizza kn..
bsok nya menggagahkn diri pegi Pizza d 1B..
pigi lar..
then makan snaa..
akue order Island Supreme
zariey lak order Chicken Supreme
*mkn personal ja*
then makan lar..
finally,dpt jugaa mkn Pizza..
thanks to Mr Zariey cz bawa akue pigi sana..
btw,tyme tuw tlupa snap pic..
excited kn maw mkn Pizza..
nda igt trus duniaa..

ambk ko..ahahahahhaha
tjuk entri pn sudaa kin suspen..
jum tingu content nyaa..hihi~
cita nya cemni,
malam 11112010,akue n zariey LAPAR..
jadi,kmi kluar lar p mncari mamam..
during that tyme,hujan bhaa..
so,mcm kedai pn bnyk yg xbukaa..
so,mlm tuw,akue maw mkn tomyam..
tiba2x, zariey ckp pasal Pizza..
naaa,skali trus yg ngidam maw mkn ni..
bley2x 2jam stgh kmi habiskan masa dr Seri maju > KK > Penampang
just want to find Pizza Hut..
tp malangnya, kmi ndaa jumpaa..
*mna lar bha jg maw jmpa if dr jam 12 jalan mncari Pizza Hut.. :)

~to be continued~

12 November 2010

i cant sleep dowh.!
i'm having an insomnia lately..
life just easily turn out by me..
morning become night..
and night become morning..haih~
what a pathethic person eu irwan..
btw,since i couldnt sleep,
in this entry,
i'm going to make a lil bit confession..
[is it a confession.?]
who cares anyway..hehe~
well,since i'm not staying at HOSTEL anymore,
[Non-Resident = NR]
yea,idk how many movies i've watched with my friends already..
i used to watch movie every weekend..
perhaps,during weekdays somestimes.!
well, dont bother about that..
at this entry also,
i'm going to share to all my readers about my experience watching

*credit to mr google for the poster
**do i have any readers.?ahahahaha sowt!~
well,that movie was pretty awesome..
u guys should watch that movie..
even though it is a cartoon movie,
a lot of good values that can be adopted from that movie.. :)

and just before the movie,
i had a dinner with mr zariey@sweety little pie..
enjoy the pictures that taken by him..
btw,credit also to him for the pictures.. :)

this is ME at Apple Cafe 1Borneo.. :)

while waiting for our food to be digested,
i did decorated my food waste
and it turns out to be like this











sorry for the picture because it's not in a proper view..
i suggest to eu to rotate it by urself..
no obligations kae.. :)

p/s : btw, i did influenced Miss Jay to become MOVIEHOLIC+CINEMAHOLIC.! :)

10 November 2010


to my shayunk,
boy wish gurl spya dpt jwb paper LAWkong sok kae..
boy taw gurl mst dpt jwb tuw..
i know eu can perform well..
in fact, u're better than me syg..
just set in ur mind that u can do it..
dont think it too much..
i know it wont be easy..
but as long as eu keep thinking positively,
i'm sure that u can handle it and manage to answer it very well..
all the besh to eu..
i wish for our success and happiness...

*law paper,please be nice to my syg kae*

09 November 2010


this entry i'm going to talked about my happy day..
which is today[09112010]..hehe~
today i'm coming HOME.!!
my mamy asked me to go home today..
actually,the story goes like this..

i still awake at 6am in the morning..
i havent take my sleep yet during that time.. :)
because i wanted to call my beloved mamy..
^mamy,adi lurf eu.!^
so i did called my mamy at 630am..
and then we had a conversation approximately 15minutes..
i did miss my mamy+dady damn much.!

actually the purpose i called my mamy was............
wanted to ask for a money..
my money running out already..
so i'm unable to do anything without money.!!
that's why i did called my mamy then asked money from her..

afta that,
my mamy try to fixed my problem..
she did called my brother n my sister..
ask them if they're able to bank in me money..
but, both of them cant help me..
what a pathethic person me..
huhuhuhuhuhu :(
then at 2pm my mamy called me..
she asked me to go back home today..
she said brother cant bank in because he had a job away from KK..
while my sister is not feeling well..
she had a fever then she didnt go to work today..
so i've decided to go home to see both of

i lurf eu mamy and daddy.. :)
LUK2x.. :)
naaaa...this entry i'm going to talk about LUK2x..
yesterday,i went to Luk2x[at penampang,jln Lintas]
my adopt sis bha ni yg blk2x cita ma akue pasal ni LUK2x.. :)
so i'm eager to know what is special about this place called

the uniqueness of LUK2x.. :)
the food that provided by this place is using STICK :)

here is variety of food that u can choose..
just pick it then give it to the workers
either u want fry it or boil it.. :)

this is the food from LUK2x.. :)

well,basically this is my adopt sis..
i called her TIM2x.. :)
she's the one who infulence me to go to this place.. :)

this person pula,is zariey..
i called him sweety little pie..

~okae,enjoy the pictures~

08 November 2010

i just woke up at 230 pm..
today i'm going to Penampang..
my adopot sis want to bring me eat at Luk2x.. :)
cant wait to go there..
we'll start our journey at 6pm..
such a long waiting,,
First of all,
here typing in the HP PAVILION DV2 at 0255,
I [Irwan Jay Bin Jakaria]
with a UiTM Matrix Number [2009259682]
with an honour would like to
express my APOLOGIZE to my Future Wife [AMIN]
syg,i never meant to hurt eu..

its not my intentions to hide sumthink from eu..
eu know right that i lurf eu..
well,as eu want to know,
this is that "SUMTINK" that i hide from eu..
i just want to make a suprise to eu.. :(
i just want eu to be happy read it and feel surprise..
its not suprise then if i tell eu..
i know eu mad at me..
do eu know how.?
because of THIS POST..
i already read it syg..
well,i'm bit surprised when i read it..
syg,i just want eu to know,
everyday i'll surf into ur blog..
just want to know ur progress..
i never told eu that rite..
i'm pretending didnt care about eu..
but deep inside my heart,
boy nemaw lar gurl down2x kae..
the thing that i'm doing rite now is just for eu gurl..

**credit to my shayunk for this picture..
[boy kutip dr blog gurl :)]
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