08 November 2010

First of all,
here typing in the HP PAVILION DV2 at 0255,
I [Irwan Jay Bin Jakaria]
with a UiTM Matrix Number [2009259682]
with an honour would like to
express my APOLOGIZE to my Future Wife [AMIN]
syg,i never meant to hurt eu..

its not my intentions to hide sumthink from eu..
eu know right that i lurf eu..
well,as eu want to know,
this is that "SUMTINK" that i hide from eu..
i just want to make a suprise to eu.. :(
i just want eu to be happy read it and feel surprise..
its not suprise then if i tell eu..
i know eu mad at me..
do eu know how.?
because of THIS POST..
i already read it syg..
well,i'm bit surprised when i read it..
syg,i just want eu to know,
everyday i'll surf into ur blog..
just want to know ur progress..
i never told eu that rite..
i'm pretending didnt care about eu..
but deep inside my heart,
boy nemaw lar gurl down2x kae..
the thing that i'm doing rite now is just for eu gurl..

**credit to my shayunk for this picture..
[boy kutip dr blog gurl :)]


miss J said...

maw bilang i lurf eu too!!!!!!!!

a d r e y n i e e l i s y a said...

eeeii... bekinta dlm blog..

a d r e y n i e e l i s y a said...

eh,sjak bila nama c anah full "dayang" ni?? hahaha.. setaw ku, aku nganya dayang tu...

❤waN aka $HaDow❤™ said...

miss J : hehe~

sis : bilaa masa lae kn bekinta dlm blog..ani th masa nyaa.hehe~
oyeaa ka.?"DYG" sejaa.?bhaa nnt th d ubah deh.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ko ker ni Irwan Jay Bin Jakaria? aku ni Jali from BBR..ko tau la tu apa BBR kan? bekas tempat ko kerja di sabah baru-baru ni..ko bila nak ambil cheque ko ni? ada lagi gaji ko ni RM421.54,,please collect your Cheque ASAP! ^_^!V

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