15 December 2010


its been 2 weeks i didnt update my blog..
i'm quiet occupied with "works" :)
yesterday on 14 of Dec 2010,
i got flu+cough..
i think it was the worst cough i ever had..
because when i coughed it contains a black blood..
sounds creepy rite..
maybe it was to warm inside my body
as a result,i drank a lot of water to prevent the flu+cough getting worst..
on top of that,soon my mamy get back from her work,
she gave me some medicine..
which is COMPULSORY for me to take it
here there are the medicines that i had eaten since last night..

hope everything's gonna be fine
:: amin ::


Del Glamiva said...
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Del Glamiva said...

Oh my, and punya banyak medicine! xD I'm sick too! But getting better. Everybody gets sick at this time of the year it seems.

I followed you! =)

okayarms said...

Woow dude... that's a lot of medicine! You dun nid dat much la. Eniweiz, hope ko ok boss.

Mr Wanjay said...

:: DEL :: iyeaa..bnyk kn..since akue mkn tuw ubat,okae sudaa lar..getting better now.. :)

::Okayarms:: talampau bnyk kn..huhu~
sabar seja lar..suda nmanya sakitt..mkn sejaa lar.. :( thanks for the concern dude.. :)

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