03 January 2011

1st day of lecture

today is 03 jan 2011
today is my first day lecture after we back from semester break
i've to admit it was quiet BORING.! *sigh~
actually my class start at 6 pm
but since i repeated 1 paper[ACC150/106]
at 10 got ACC class
oh gosh.!hate it.!
have to woke up early tadi.!
okae lar
then i went to class as usual with a weird feeling because as REPEATER.!
huh,who cares..life must go on..
i already determined that i WANT+WILL+GONNA pass this paper..
otherwise i'll end up like shyt.!
palis2x..[sambil katuk meja 3x..ahahahaha superstitious btul]
then, today was tension day..huh.!
i went to see Madam Adrianna[my Tourism Lecturer]
actually i just accompany irfan because he had trouble with his course registration


after that,madam asked me to photocopy notes
which was so HEAVY+THICK.!
then i've to photocopy for the whole class.!
that means i have to photocopy 25set.!
i sent the notes to photocopy shop at 2pm
then they finished it almost 9pm.!huh!
what a ....................
dunno what to say
then i've to pay by myself first
gosh.! i paid RM3++.!
but i'm gonna make sure my classmate pay me back
otherwise i'll be the one who suffer
this is the notes looks like

~this 2 box i need to carry~

~this is the thickness of that notes~

~finally this is the book[Computerized Reservation System]~


okayarms said...

Wa back to school ka dude... ba ba good la. enjoy ur time study, ur gonna miss it very much... ol d best dude!

FarhaNezam said...

back to school.. Haa~ i know exactly how that feeling is..

Mr Wanjay™ said...

arms : iyeaa..enjoy lar kale ni kn..ahahahahah thanks for the wish..

FarhaNezam : iyeaa..really2x sucks.!hate to wake up early..

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