10 November 2010


to my shayunk,
boy wish gurl spya dpt jwb paper LAWkong sok kae..
boy taw gurl mst dpt jwb tuw..
i know eu can perform well..
in fact, u're better than me syg..
just set in ur mind that u can do it..
dont think it too much..
i know it wont be easy..
but as long as eu keep thinking positively,
i'm sure that u can handle it and manage to answer it very well..
all the besh to eu..
i wish for our success and happiness...

*law paper,please be nice to my syg kae*


miss J said...


appreciate it...
lurf the way eu are...

WSB said...

Congratz! New Wasaber. Follow all the WSB members to stay connected among Wasabers. ;)

p/s : xjmp shoutbox la. Psg la shoutbox k..:)

❤waN aka $HaDow❤™ said...

Miss Jay : its okae bhaa tuw..for eu jg tuw bhaa.. :)
lurf eu..

❤waN aka $HaDow❤™ said...

WSB : yeaa.!i'm a WASABER now.! :)
will connect to all members.. :)

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