28 November 2010

Green + White = DATE :)

It's been 2 month we didn't dating+hang out together..
the last tyme we had a date on 15Sept2010
[which was my bday celebration with my friends]
and now the tyme has come
i should grab the opportunity
so here we are..
D A T E ON 26 November 2010
our date start with.....
i woke up at 7am in the morning..
and then give her *morning kish* :)
after that i washed my car
and then i washed my clothes
[INCLUDING my parents clothes :)]
then i fetched her at her house
its kind of creepy feelings bcoz...
i saw her mama with her aunts chatting infront of the house
but no worries..
its just only a feeling..
not true at all..
i did chat with her mama a lil bit.. :)
after that we start to go to KK..
hell yeah.!
its quite fun+interesting+funny+etc
dunno how to describe anymore..
after arrived at Suria Sabah,
we bought the movie tickets
which was Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows P1..
*quality of the picture is not good :(*

while waiting for the movies to start,
here's the games that both of us loved to play.. :)

*she's playing Dance Dance Revolution*
*if both of us played,so who will captured our pic.? :)*

after watching movies with her
we ate at Pizza Hut..
having a GREAT time with her..
*enjoy our pictures*


miss J said...

macam suma picha bha d kasi masyukkk...
ma turn... n3 crta yg sama tp version lain2... ahahahaha

Keluang Man said...

aku sudah folloe blog ni.... kalau sudi folow la blog aku sekali arr... http://atehwildan.blogspot.com

a d r e y n i e e l i s y a said...

kjap ja bha tu dua bulan..
aku yg dkat ni pun bebulan2 nda bjumpa..

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