09 November 2010

LUK2x.. :)
naaaa...this entry i'm going to talk about LUK2x..
yesterday,i went to Luk2x[at penampang,jln Lintas]
my adopt sis bha ni yg blk2x cita ma akue pasal ni LUK2x.. :)
so i'm eager to know what is special about this place called

the uniqueness of LUK2x.. :)
the food that provided by this place is using STICK :)

here is variety of food that u can choose..
just pick it then give it to the workers
either u want fry it or boil it.. :)

this is the food from LUK2x.. :)

well,basically this is my adopt sis..
i called her TIM2x.. :)
she's the one who infulence me to go to this place.. :)

this person pula,is zariey..
i called him sweety little pie..

~okae,enjoy the pictures~


rinaDOrina said...

rinduuuuuuuuuuu LUK²

❤waN aka $HaDow❤™ said...

rinaDOrina : ahahahhahah nnt kta jln2x kae p sna.. :)

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